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Buizen - Huidige productie oa JJ
« Gepost op: 27 februari 2016, 16:29:47 »
Dit is wat ik vandaag las op Music Electronics Forum ( voorheen Ampage).

Wat hij hier beschrijft is ook wat ik vind :

Interessant om te lezen en je eigen conclusies te trekken.

De titel is JJ tubes 12ax7 - hum problems
Originally Posted by Rob's Radio-Active View Post:

Thanks guys.
Leo, I buy them wholesale. Parts retail and a little restoration work for locals is my business.

Well there's your problem. Tube vendors are supposed to cull the grossly hummy and microphonic tubes as a service for the premium they charge. Lately I've been thinking that this isn't the case anymore. But maybe they actually still do, but what they have to pull from is just awful. So that's what you're getting when you buy wholesale. The tubes that vendors do sell, plus the ones they don't.

The way I hear it the big MFG's like Fender, Berringer, Crate (loud?), Peavey, etc. command a certain performance level and don't get questioned. These are where most of the tubes used in guitar amps go after all. You take care of your best clients, right? So let's say Fender (now Groove Tubes?) gets a select crate of 12ax7 tubes. They reject half of them. Because they need to sell amps that actually work. Those were already selected tubes and half get returned (this is all speculation based on hearsay). What happens to those tubes, and all the other lesser tubes that weren't in the "selected" tube lots? Do you suppose the Rusky tube manufacturers just melt 'em down and call it quality control? Nope! Those get boxed up and sent to vendors that now must choose the best of the worst. And when you buy wholesale that is what you can expect. Not one tube in a batch that you buy will be as good as what Crate, Berringer or Fender is putting in their amps. Which is a real problem for we little folk that build custom amps because we can't even get tubes for them that are as good as what the run of the mill amps have in them from the factory! And that's if you buy from a vendor, at a premium, who is culling everything that isn't technically "useful" at least. IMHO buying tubes wholesale is so much more trouble than savings. But you're learning that first hand. So I'm just preaching at the choir now.


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